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Perseus IAM Platform

Perseus IAM takes a next-generation approach to Identity Governance and Administration. The platform adopts a microservices architectural pattern. The architecture involves orchestration among the microservices, and includes configuration management, service discovery, and containerization. It exposes IAM/IGA specific capabilities as a service to applications, devices, and other integration platforms.

Outstanding Features


Benefits of Perseus IAM

Perseus bridges the gap between your existing IAM infrastructure and modern cloud-based infrastructure.

Increased Agility

IAM Microservices provide the ability to react faster to changes in business requirements.

Cost Effective

Costs 45% less than a traditional IAM yearly license and implementation.

Built for the Future

Our pre-built API’s follows IT best practices, industry standards, and patterns for integration of access, governance, and cyber security services.

How it Works

By using pre-built API’s, Perseus is able to quickly connect, transform and configure your IAM services. The platform offers individual microservices for identity and access data processing, authentication, authorization, identity lifecycle and management.

  • Microservice & API Driven
  • DevOps Ready
  • Containerization Ready

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